Sergio Puig


Sergio Puig is Professor of Law and Director of the International Trade and Business Law Program at the University of Arizona. Previously, he served as a lecturer in law at Duke Law School and Stanford Law School, respectively. Between 2011-2014, Sergio was also the teaching fellow of the prestigious Program in International Legal Studies (SPILS). Sergio is the co-founder of, an organization to facilitate assistance in international trade and investment law matters by law school clinics.

Recently Published

The Data-Driven Future of International Law

Data is not only fueling the economy, but has also become an increasingly important driver of empirical legal research. Three reasons are chiefly responsible for this. First, the internet, better search engines and bigger databases today put more international law data from treaties to disputes or arbitrators at a scholar’s disposal than ever before. Second, researchers are beginning…

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Social Capital and the Limits of Network Analysis

I want to start by thanking each of the commentators for their kind, forgiving and thought-provoking comments on my article, and by recognizing that the work of Dapha, Michael and Tom set the foundations and served as the inspiration for this work. I will organize my responses into three different clusters:  methodology, extensions and other, more general comments.

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Social Capital in the Arbitration Market

Dr. Sergio Puig is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. I am grateful to Professor Weiler, the editors of EJIL and the organizers of EJIL: Talk! for hosting the discussion of my article. I am privileged to have Daphna Kapeliuk, Michael Waibel, and Thomas Schultz as collaborators in…

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