Sarah Nouwen


Sarah Nouwen is a Professor of International Law at the European University Institute in Florence (on leave from Cambridge University and Pembroke College) and an Editor in Chief of the European Journal of International Law.

Recently Published

Desk Rejections

I know the feeling. It has happened to me more than once, twice and thrice. ‘They didn’t even send it to peer review?!*&%#@.’ On one occasion it was subsequently published in another journal and is one of my most cited pieces! Regrettably, neither EJIL nor I•CON has the human resources to send a fully reasoned letter…

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EJIL:The Podcast! Episode 17 – “What’s wrong with the international law on jurisdiction?”

What conduct occurring where are states allowed to regulate? The international law on jurisdiction provides part of the answer. But international lawyers use different images when conceptualising the geographical reach of states' jurisdiction to prescribe their laws. In this podcast, the two contenders in a debate in issue 33(2) of the European Journal of International…

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In This Issue

Our Articles section in this issue opens with a contribution by Hsien-Li Tan, who proposes that the post-2007 ASEAN presents a new regionalization model to the regional trading arrangement landscape. Introducing the concept ‘concordance legalization’, Tan argues that this model allows sovereignty-centric states to dynamically expand their regionalization agenda without supranationalism. In the next article, Victor Crochet argues…

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