Sarah Nouwen


Sarah Nouwen is a Professor of International Law at the European University Institute in Florence (on leave from Cambridge University and Pembroke College) and an Editor in Chief of the European Journal of International Law.

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The Articles section of this issue opens with an empirical study by Laurence Helfer and Erik Voeten, which identifies – through an analysis of minority opinions – an increase in European Court of Human Rights judgments that implicitly overturn prior progressive judgments. The authors suggest that these judgments represent a response to the populist backlash against human rights.

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In This Issue

The article section of this issue opens with a contribution by Maria Laura Marceddu and Pietro Ortolani, who pose the question: What is wrong with investment arbitration? That there is something wrong with investment arbitration is now well-rehearsed; less well understood is what explains the public aversion. Marceddu and Ortolani offer an empirically grounded answer. Also utilizing experimental…

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Vital Statistics

For several years now we have regularly monitored and published statistics for manuscripts received at EJIL at the three different stages of the submission process: total submissions, accepted manuscripts and published articles. We think it is useful, indeed vital, to understand who makes up our ‘pool’ of authors and how it evolves over the years. Generating…

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