Sarah Nouwen


Sarah Nouwen is Senior Lecturer in Law and Co-Deputy Director of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge and Fellow of Pembroke College.

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Vital Statistics

For several years now we have regularly monitored and published statistics for manuscripts received at EJIL at the three different stages of the submission process: total submissions, accepted manuscripts and published articles. We think it is useful, indeed vital, to understand who makes up our ‘pool’ of authors and how it evolves over the years. Generating…

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We are pulled in opposite directions in the face of a global upending of normal life. We find it attractive, even if hunkered down at home, as is our whole editorial team, in six different countries, to continue serenely our normal work in the face of a-normalcy. The life of the mind, the scholarly endeavor continues – even…

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A Less Exclusive Submission Process; In this Issue

A Less Exclusive Submission Process Authors who have ever submitted a manuscript to EJIL will invariably describe our peer review system as a lengthy, often protracted, perhaps even frustratingly long process. By its very nature, peer review, when undertaken in a serious and thorough manner, takes time. All manuscripts submitted to EJIL undergo a first in-house…

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