Sarah Nouwen


Sarah Nouwen is Senior Lecturer in Law and Co-Deputy Director of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge and Fellow of Pembroke College.

Recently Published

Celebrating Peer Review: EJIL’s Roll of Honour and Announcement of the first EJIL Peer Review Prize

What makes for a good scholar? Brilliant articles and inspiring lectures – important, but not enough. No matter how solitary scholarly work can feel, it is always embedded in and dependent on a community: a community in which ideas are shared, reviewed and discussed. I hope that many of us will be able to think of some scholars…

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In This Issue

The last issue of EJIL’s 30th anniversary volume opens with our ‘Afterword’ rubric, in which Janne E. Nijman, Francesca Iurlaro and Benjamin Straumann react to Martti Koskenniemi’s EJIL Foreword, ‘Imagining the Rule of Law: Rereading the Grotian “Tradition”’, published in our first issue of the year. The Articles section opens with a contribution by Raffaela Kunz,…

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We are pulled in opposite directions in the face of a global upending of normal life. We find it attractive, even if hunkered down at home, as is our whole editorial team, in six different countries, to continue serenely our normal work in the face of a-normalcy. The life of the mind, the scholarly endeavor continues – even…

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