Sarah Nouwen


Sarah Nouwen is a Professor of International Law at the European University Institute in Florence (on leave from Cambridge University and Pembroke College) and an Editor in Chief of the European Journal of International Law.

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Response to the Letter to the Editors Regarding the Publication of a Symposium based on Papers Presented at an IDF Conference

We are grateful for this letter. It raises important and difficult issues. These are issues that must be identified, aired, discussed, specified and further discussed. This letter has spurred such a process. The symposium that the letter objects to focused on the question of the identification of custom in international humanitarian law. It consisted…

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EJIL: The Podcast! Episode 21: The ICC’s Other Africa Bias?

The International Criminal Court has been frequently accused of a bias against Africa in that all its defendants thus far have been from Africa. But might the ICC suffer from another bias that disadvantages Africa? EJIL editor-in-chief Sarah Nouwen discusses with Stewart Manley and Pardis M. Tehrani who, together with Rajah Rasiah,…

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On My Way In IV: ‘Aren’t You Exclusive?!’ On the Pros and Cons of Writing Letters of Reference for Only One Candidate in an Academic Hiring Process

At the time of writing – there is often a significant gap between the writing and publication of EJIL editorials – it feels like hiring season. Requests for letters in support of academic job applications pop up with the same speed as files to read for hiring panels. One question about academic practices has come up in discussions…

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