Sabrina K. Rewald


Sabrina K. Rewald JD LLM is an international legal consultant and a researcher at Leiden University's Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum (‘KGF’) on International Humanitarian Law, where she supervises the KGF’s Digitally Derived Evidence (‘DDE’) Project and its Leiden Guidelines on the Use of DDE in International Criminal Courts and Tribunals. Sabrina is also a member of the Space Evidence for Human Rights and IHL collaboration and a Supervisory Board Member of OSINT for Ukraine. Sabrina is a licensed attorney in Michigan, U.S., and Ontario, Canada.

Recently Published

The Satellite Era: How Earth Observation Data is Being Mobilized as Potential Digital Evidence

Public monitoring of ongoing conflicts, for example, in Gaza, Ukraine, and Sudan, demonstrates the extent to which both human rights defenders and journalists increasingly rely upon earth observation data (EOD) to ascertain and substantiate facts on the ground. EOD is inclusive of data collected by satellites—such as satellite images,…

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