Sien Devriendt


Sien Devriendt is assistant professor at the Open Universiteit (Department of Public Law). She defended her PhD thesis in September 2022 at Ghent University. This doctoral research examined how the Flemish public schools ‘accommodate’ ideological diversity while taking directions (e.g., pluralism, active pluralism and active citizenship) into account. In that regard, she provides guidance to authorities, emphasizing the main policy implications of her findings. Sien is a member of the Programme for Studies on Human Rights in Context and the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research.

Recently Published

Animal welfare and the evolution of public morality – Requirement to stun animals prior to ritual slaughter is Convention-proof

Despite its name, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) also protects non-human beings. On several occasions, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has recognized that the protection of animals constitutes ‘a matter of general interest’ guaranteed by Article 10 (freedom of expression) (ECtHR, 8 November 2012, PETA Deutschland v Germany, para 47; 16 January 2014, Tierbefreier…

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