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Announcements: Peacekeeping Symposium, Territorial Conflict Conference, Oceans Law Summer School, ILA Spring Conference, IALS Conference, ICC Summer School

Published on April 27, 2014        Author: 

1.  The European Society of International Law Interest Group on Peace and Security (ESIL IGPS) and the Research Project on Shared Responsibility in International Law (SHARES Project) are organizing a joint symposium to be held in conjunction with the 10th ESIL Anniversary Conference in Vienna, Austria, on 3 September 2014. The symposium is entitled “The Changing Nature of Peacekeeping and the Challenges for Jus ad Bellum, Jus in Bello and Human Rights”. The full call for papers and details for submissions of abstracts can be found here and  here. The deadline for submissions of abstracts is the 4th of May.

2.  Further Call for Papers: Conference on 21st Century Borders: Territorial Conflict and Dispute Resolution, 13th June 2014, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom. 21st Century borders are coming under increasing strain with shifting balances of international power. This was seen most dramatically in the recent Russian annexation of the Crimea, but also in continuing tensions in East Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. This conference, organised by the Centre for International Law and Human Rights at Lancaster University Law School will explore the causes and dynamics of contemporary territorial disputes as well as mechanisms to resolve them. Building on our initial call for papers, we welcome abstracts for papers of no more than one page from both established researchers and early career academics on the themes of: critical perspectives on uti possidetis; the concept of the “border” in light of new technologies and transnational structures; historical and cultural perspectives on international borders; borders and international economic and environmental law; institutional mechanisms for territorial dispute settlement; and secession and borders. Please send your proposals to Dr. James Summers j.summers {at}  The deadline for abstracts is Wednesday 7th May 2014.

3.  The 2014 Summer Program of Marco Polo-Zheng He Academy of International Oceans Law and Policy, P.R. China. The South China Sea Institute of Xiamen University, and Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, announce their annual summer program – Marco Polo- Zheng He Academy of International Oceans Law and Policy, to be held from June 22 – July 18, 2014. These centers are leading interdisciplinary research institutes in China in the area of Oceans Law and Policy. This is the 9th year of this summer academy which has been attended in past by the scholars, practitioners, diplomats, and students from -: Australia, Belgium, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, DPR Korea, Rep. of Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, U.S., and others. The four week intensive summer program is divided into two sessions to be held in Chinese cities of Xiamen and Shanghai. The participants have an option to attend either or both the sessions. The program offers a unique chance to learn about the Chinese perspectives on Law of the Sea and its policies. The structure of the program is such that the class lectures are held in morning sessions and in the afternoon sessions trips to Chinese courts, law firms, governmental agencies related to oceanic administration, museums, etc., are planned. Participants also have the option of taking tests and getting credits transferred to their own schools. Limited number of scholarships are offered to outstanding candidates upon application and subsequent review. Please find more information about Xiamen Session here and Shanghai Session here. For queries regarding-: Xiamen Session contact zhangxia-fly {at} 163(.)com; Shanghai Session sjtu_colp {at} 163(.)com; for general queries contact arpita.goswami7 {at} gmail(.)com.

4.  The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London is proud to host this year’s ILA (British Branch) Spring Conference from 23 to 24 May 2014. The organizers aim to shed new light on the following foundational questions: the relationship between international, regional and domestic legal orders; the identification and development of customary international law; and the regulation of armed conflict. The five parallel panel sessions will re-examine the foundations of international law in the light of new information and modes of thinking. In this respect, main goal of the organizers is to imagine possible futures in issues of concern to present and future generations, such as combatting climate change, preventing human trafficking, managing financial risk, encouraging businesses to respect human rights and promoting socially responsible investment. The keynote speech will be delivered by Professor James Crawford at 10 am on 23 May 2014 (‘The identification and development of customary international law’ ) and after dinner speech by Professor Philip Allott the same day at Inner Temple (‘The Idealist’s Dilemma )For more info on registration for the conference and the dinner, but also the full two-day programme are available here.

5. Registration is now open for the conference ‘National Security and Public Health: Exceptions to Human Rights’ organised at IALS on 29th May 2014. For more information, including the full programme of speakers, and to register, see here.

6.  The annual International Criminal Court Summer School organized by the Irish Centre for Human Rights will take place 16th-20th June 2014 at NUI Galway. The summer school is the premiere summer school specializing in the International Criminal Court. Lectures are given by leading academics on the subject and by legal professionals working at the ICC. More information is available here.


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Joint EJIL:Talk! and Opinio Juris Discussion: Karen Alter’s The New Terrain of International Law

Published on April 22, 2014        Author: 

Alter bookThis week we will be hosting a joint discussion, along with Opinio Juris, of Karen J. Alter‘s book The New Terrain of International Law: Courts, Politics, Rights, recently published by Princeton University Press. Karen is Professor of Political Science and Law at Northwestern University. The book’s introductory chapter is available on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

In 1989, when the Cold War ended, there were six permanent international courts. Today there are more than two dozen that have collectively issued over thirty-seven thousand binding legal rulings. The New Terrain of International Law charts the developments and trends in the creation and role of international courts, and explains how the delegation of authority to international judicial institutions influences global and domestic politics.
The New Terrain of International Law presents an in-depth look at the scope and powers of international courts operating around the world. Focusing on dispute resolution, enforcement, administrative review, and constitutional review, Karen Alter argues that international courts alter politics by providing legal, symbolic, and leverage resources that shift the political balance in favor of domestic and international actors who prefer policies more consistent with international law objectives. International courts name violations of the law and perhaps specify remedies. Alter explains how this limited power–the power to speak the law–translates into political influence, and she considers eighteen case studies, showing how international courts change state behavior. The case studies, spanning issue areas and regions of the world, collectively elucidate the political factors that often intervene to limit whether or not international courts are invoked and whether international judges dare to demand significant changes in state practices.

Opinio Juris will host commentary by William Burke-White (University of Pennsylvania), Jacob Katz Cogan (University of Cincinnati), and Tonya Lee Putnam (Columbia University). Here on EJIL:Talk!, we will hear from Nico Krisch (Institut Barcelona des Estudis Internacionals) and Antonios Tzanakopoulos(Oxford University). Karen will respond to the comments on both blogs. We are grateful to her and all of the commenters for contributing to this symposium.

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Announcements: Geneva Summer School; ESIL Law of the Sea Panel; Oxford Clarendon Law Lectures; Salzberg Summer Session

Published on April 19, 2014        Author: 

1.  The Geneva Summer Schools at the University of Geneva is excited to announce a 2014 summer school on “International Protection of Cultural Heritage in the 21st-Century”, 16 June to 27 June 2014. The two-week course taught in English in Geneva is aimed at BA and MA students interested in cultural heritage law, and will include lectures from faculty from international institutions and organizations. The summer school offers an overview of the international and comparative law for the protection of cultural heritage. The course aims to develop the students’ awareness of the main substantive themes of cultural heritage law, namely: the protection of cultural property in times of war; the restitution of artworks lost as a result of theft, illicit excavations and illicit trade; the protection of the built heritage and of the human rights associated to the tangible and intangible heritage. In order to offer an up-to-date glance at cultural heritage law, the summer course will also focus on the different ideological positions of the relevant stakeholders and on its complex relationship with other fields of law – namely general international law, human rights law, intellectual property law, and international investment law – and with the issue of dispute settlement. Finally, this course aims to bring out the challenges to cultural heritage that emanate from old and new threats. To name but a few: armed conflicts; reduced protection of sites and monuments due to lack of public money and political support; natural catastrophes; and damage to cultural sites caused by human activities.Students must apply online with a short letter of motivation and a CV. Course places are limited and enrollment is on a rolling basis so students are encouraged to apply early.

2.  On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary Conference of the European Society of International Law taking place in Vienna, the ESIL Law of the Sea Interest Group will convene a panel on ‘International Law… and the Sea’, which will take place on 3 September 2014. See the call for papers here.

3.  Professor Harold Koh will be giving this year’s Clarendon lectures at the University of Oxford, speaking about Law and Globalization.” The lectures will take place over three evenings and are open to everyone: Tuesday 6th May, 5-6:30pm, Pichette Auditorium, Pembroke College (Followed by a drinks reception in the foyer by the auditorium 6:30-7:30pm). Thursday 8th May, 5-6:30pm, The Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Law, St Cross Building. Tuesday 13th May, 5-6:30pm, The Gulbenkian lecture theatre, Faculty of Law, St Cross Building. Harold Hongju Koh is Sterling Professor of International Law at Yale Law School. He returned to Yale Law School in January 2013 after serving for nearly four years as the 22nd Legal Adviser of the U.S. Department of State.

4.  The Salzburg Law School on International Criminal Law, Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law (SLS) welcomes applications for its Sixteenth Summer Session, “International Criminal Law at the First World War Centenary — From Consolidation Towards Confrontation?”, Sunday 3 to Friday 15 August 2014. The SLS is a two-week summer programme aimed at postgraduate students, young academics and practitioners. This year’s session will scrutinize principles and procedures of international criminal law, their origins and contemporary challenges to their enforcement. In this context, there will be a special thematic focus on the principle of irrelevance of official capacity under international customary law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as on controversies stemming from the Court’s cases against sitting heads of States, proposed changes to the Rome Statute and policy considerations determining the selection of situations and cases. Other topics include the Kampala amendments to the Rome Statute, the rights of the defence in international criminal proceedings, the role of international investigation commissions, as well as recent decisions and judgements of the ICC and the ICTY. Further information on the academic programme and a preliminary list of speakers are available hereThe application period ends on Friday 9 May 2014.

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Published on April 12, 2014        Author: 
1.  The Essex Transitional Justice Network and the Essex Business and Human Rights Project announce Summer School 2014: Settling Accounts: The Role of Business in Societies Emerging from Conflict and Authoritarian Rule, to be held 18-21st September 2014 (University of Essex, Colchester campus).  Building on the strong expertise at Essex on transitional justice and corporate accountability, the ETJN, together with the Essex Business and Human Rights Project (EBHR), will be running its III Transitional Justice Summer School between 18 and 21 September 2014. The summer school will consider the role of businesses in societies emerging from conflict and authoritarian rule, including different issues of corporate accountability that might arise in these contexts and mechanisms to address it. Experts in both corporate accountability and transitional justice will be provided with a forum to discuss specific topics such as project lending; debt and financial complicity, as well as litigation and advocacy strategies. Teaching staff includes: Professor Sheldon Leader, director of the Essex Business and Human Rights Project; Professor Sabine Michalowski, editor of the only book on the subject: Corporate Accountability in the Context of Transitional Justice; Professor Karen Hulme expert on human rights and the environment and winner of the ASIL price for her book War Torn Environment: Interpreting the Legal Threshold; Charles Abrahams, senior director of Abrahams Kiewitz Incorporated, a South African boutique law firm specializing in class actions, public interest law, and litigation in the area of business and human rights; Anneke Van Woudenberg, Senior Researcher at Human Rights Watch and Richard Meeran and Daniel Leader, Partners at Leigh Day and with extensive litigation in cases involving corporations and countries in transition. Further details are available here. For more information, contact etjnfr03 {at}
2.  Confidence Crisis in Human Rights: Implications for the UK. Middlesex University, London 30 June to 4 July 2014. This 5 day intensive course will explore the challenges faced by the human rights regime, resulting from the mistrust towards the system voiced by countries which, like the UK in Europe or Brazil in the Americas, once helped to create and embrace the human rights machinery. The course will explore the ideologies and geopolitical conditions resulting in this evolution through the prisms of controversial topics dominating intergovernmental human rights agendas in Europe and worldwide, in particular: the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of religion;  the consequence for human rights of austerity measures and migration policies; the role of the UN Security Council  in conflict zones; and the difficulty to accommodate within the human rights framework emerging topics such as  the impact of activities undertaken by corporations in relation to development projects, and the protection of the environment. Further details are available here.
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Announcements: Calls for Papers

Published on December 27, 2013        Author: 

1) Property, Environment, and Jus Post Bellum: Clarifying Norms, Principles and Practices, June 11 – 13, 2014, The Hague, Netherlands. The Jus Post Bellum Project at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies has issued a call for papers for each of two seminars scheduled from 11 – 13 June 2014. The first call for papers relates to environment and jus post bellum.  The second call for papers relates to property, investment, and jus post bellum.  The main aim of these seminars is to create guidelines for law and policy for property and the environment in the transition from armed conflict to peace (jus post bellum). Please read the call for papers for more information about each seminar.

2) The “Cross-Fertilization” Rhetoric in Question: Use and Abuse of the European Court’s Jurisprudence by International Criminal Tribunals. On June 5-6, 2014, Edge Hill University (Omskirk, UK) is hosting a two-day international workshop. The event will focus on the legal phenomenon of cross-fertilization between international criminal law and human rights principles developed by specialized supranational bodies. The goal is to critically assess the manner in which widely-recognized standards of human rights have been used (or misused) by international criminal tribunals. Proposals are welcomed on topics specified in the call for papers below. Interested participants should provide an abstract of up to 500 words and a CV by the 15th of February, 2014 to mariniet [at] edgehill [dot] ac [dot] uk. Speakers will be informed of acceptance by the 1st of March. Outstanding papers will be selected for publication. More information is available here.

3) Call for papers for a Special Issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice: Refugee Law and International Criminal Justice. The Special Issue will provide an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to explore the evolution of the various intersections between refugee and migration law on one hand and international humanitarian and criminal law on the other. Questions that can be examined include whether recourse to international humanitarian or criminal law is appropriate for defining a refugee or providing subsidiary protection; whether international criminal law can help or rather hinder the proper development of the concepts contained in the exclusion provisions; what is or should be the interaction, if any, between non-refoulement obligations and human rights concerns to expulsion, on the one hand, and the aut dedere aut judicareobligations, on the other; how the bodies of law interact in regard to forcible displacement; do decisions by international criminal tribunals have an impact on refugee agencies in the field, etc. Please consult the full call for papers here for details. The deadline for abstract submission is 28 February, 2014.

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New Issue of EJIL (Vol. 24: No. 4) Published

Published on December 17, 2013        Author: 

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law (Vol. 24, No. 4) is out today. As usual, the table of contents of the new issue is available at EJIL’s own website, where readers can also access those articles that are freely available without subscription. The free access articles in this issue are Andrew Williams’s The European Convention on Human Rights, the EU and the UK: Confronting a Heresy and a reply to that article by Stelios Andreadakis. In January, we will hold a discussion of those two articles. In the coming weeks, we will also have a series of posts on reservations to treaties, following this issue’s Symposium: The International Law Commission’s Guide to Practice on Reservations to Treaties. Subscribers have full access to the latest issue of the journal at EJIL’s Oxford University Press site. Apart from articles published in the last 12 months, EJIL articles are freely available on the EJIL website.


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Announcements and Events: International Law Association (British Branch) Spring Conference, Stanford Call for Papers

Published on December 14, 2013        Author: 

1.  King’s College London will be hosting the International Law Association (ILA) British Branch Spring Conference on 23-24 May 2014. The call for papers has just been issued, with a deadline for submission of one-page abstracts of 30 January 2014. The theme – “Foundations & Futures of International Law” – provides broad scope for contributions that explore foundational questions (eg, the relationship between international, regional and domestic legal orders; the identification and development of customary international law; the regulation of armed conflict) as well as papers on new theoretical paradigms or issues of concern to present and future generations. Abstracts should be sent to ilaconf [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk. Further information is available here.

2.  The Stanford Journal of International Law seeks contributions by academics, practitioners, and policymakers for its Symposium titled Governing Intelligence: Transnational Threats & the National Security State, which will take place on May 2, 2014 at Stanford Law School.  Governing Intelligence will move beyond the surveillance debate to start an interdisciplinary dialogue about the power and limits of intelligence agencies from a comparative and international perspective. Contributions must address either of the following topics: (a) National Intelligence & Transnational Threats; or, (b) Individual Rights & Intelligence Gathering.  The abstract submission deadline is February 1, 2014. Decisions will be released on a rolling basis. The full announcement, along with sub-topics, contact information, and submissions guidelines, can be found here.

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New Issue of EJIL (Vol. 24: No. 4) Out Next Week

Published on December 11, 2013        Author: 

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law will be published in the next week. Over the course of this week, we will have a series of posts by Joseph Weiler – Editor in Chief of EJIL – which will then appear in the Editorial in the upcoming issue. Here is the Table of Contents of the next issue of EJIL:


Crime and Punishment: The Reification and Deification of the State (A Footnote to the Syria Debate); House-keeping: Anonymity; In this Issue 


Andrew Guzman, International Organizations and the Frankenstein Problem

Geraldo Vidigal, From Bilateral to Multilateral Law-Making: Legislation, Practice, Evolution and the Future of Inter-Se Agreements in the WTO 

Symposium: The International Law Commission’s Guide to Practice on Reservations to Treaties

Marko Milanovic and Linos-Alexander Sicilianos, Reservations to Treaties: An Introduction

Alain Pellet, The ILC Guide to Practice on Reservations to Treaties: A General Presentation by the Special Rapporteur

Michael Wood, Institutional Aspects of the Guide to Practice on Reservations

Daniel Muller, Reservations and Time: Is There Only One Right Moment to Formulate and to React to Reservations?

Ineta Ziemele and Lasma Liede, Reservations to Human Rights Treaties: From Draft Guideline 3.1.12 to Guideline 

Roaming Charges: Places of Destruction and Rebirth:A Remnant of the Kraków Ghetto Wall

EJIL: Debate!

Andrew Williams, The European Convention on Human Rights, the EU and the UK: Confronting a Heresy

Stelios Andreadakis, The European Convention on Human Rights, the EU and the UK: Confronting a Heresy: A Reply to Andrew Williams  

EJIL: Debate!

Rosa Raffaelli, Horizontal Review between International Organizations: A Reply to Abigail C. Deshman

Abigail C. Deshman, Horizontal Review between International Organizations: A Rejoinder to Rosa Raffaelli 

Critical Review of International Governance

Gurdial Nijar, Traditional Knowledge Systems, International Law and National Challenges: Marginalization or Emancipation?

Review Essay

Christian Djeffal, Commentaries on the Law of Treaties: A Review Essay Reflecting on the Genre of Commentaries. Olivier Corten and Pierre Klein (eds). The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties: A Commentary; Oliver Dörr and Kirsten Schmalenbach (eds). The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties: A Commentary; Mark Villiger. Commentary on the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.  

Book Reviews 

Duncan B. Hollis (ed.). The Oxford Guide to Treaties (Tim Staal)

Jean L. Cohen. Globalization and Sovereignty. Rethinking Legality, Legitimacy and Constitutionalism (Gráinne de Búrca)

Sari Kuovo and Zoe Pearson (eds). Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary International Law: Between Resistance and Compliance? Gina Heathcote. The Law on the Use of Force: A Feminist Analysis (Loveday Hodson)

John Harrington and Maria Stuttaford (eds). Global Health and Human Rights: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives; John Tobin. The Right to Health in International Law (Erika George)

Panos Koutrakos. The EU Common Security and Defence Policy (Julia Schmidt)

The Last Page 

Gregory Shaffer, Cashmere from Rachungkaru

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Announcements and Events: Syria Conference, Call for Fellowship Applications

Published on December 7, 2013        Author: 

1.  The College of Law, Qatar University and the Qatari Branch of the International Law Association are co-organizing an international conference focusing on ‘The Syrian Crisis and International Law”. The conference is scheduled to take place on the 25th and 26th of February 2014, in Doha (Qatar). Invited speakers will include academics, diplomats, activists and legal practitioners who will discuss different aspects of International Law applicable to the Syrian crisis. The Conference will have four Panel Sessions, thematically addressing Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, International Criminal Law and, the Syrian crisis in the International World Order. Interested participants are kindly requested to submit papers falling within these areas. Further details here.

2.  The Global Trust Research Project at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, directed by Professor Eyal Benvenisti, invites candidates interested in exploring themes related to this project to apply for: one post-doctoral fellowship, two doctoral fellowships, and two visiting fellowships. The application deadline for the 2014-2015 academic year is 1 February 2014. The project description is as follows: Do states, when they exercise their domestic regulatory functions, have an obligation to take into account the interests of foreign individuals and communities who could be adversely affected? Should national legislators and government agencies integrate foreign stakeholders into their decision-making processes? Must states share with strangers their scarce national resources and in general contribute to global welfare? These are some of the key questions that the project “Sovereigns as Trustees of Humanity: The Obligations of Nations in an Era of Global interdependence” (GlobalTrust) sets out to explore. This project is informed by the observation that when setting national policies, states routinely affect foreigners in faraway countries often without providing them with adequate opportunities to participate in shaping those policies. More details on the project here, and on the fellowships (including application instructions) here.

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Announcements and Events: Hague Academy Position

Published on November 23, 2013        Author: 

The Hague Academy of International Law, founded in 1923, is a high level, post-academic institution for the study and dissemination of public and private international law. The Academy’s well-known Summer Programme and its Centre for Studies and Research are held in the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands) during the months of July, August and September. The Academy seeks to appoint a Publications Manager with copy-preparing/proof-reading responsibilities. The appointee will take the position of the current Manager who retires on 30 June 2014.

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