Santiago Vargas Niño



Santiago is a Colombian lawyer with a B.A. in Political Science from Los Andes University (2012). He holds a Master of Laws in Advanced Studies in Public International Law (cum laude) from Leiden University (2016). Santiago is an independent legal consultant and lecturer of International Human Rights Law at Los Andes University. He has worked for the Special Jurisdiction for Peace and the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Along with Moisés Montiel Mogollón, Santiago is the co-host of Internacional con Ñ, a Spanish language podcast dedicated to the dissemination of international law. The views expressed in his posts are strictly personal and do not necessarily reflect those of the institutions to which Santiago has been affiliated.

Recently Published

Transitional Injustice? Concerns over Judicial Accountability at Colombia’s Special Jurisdiction for Peace

Colombia’s Special Jurisdiction for Peace (“JEP,” for its acronym in Spanish) has drawn considerable attention for its attempt to balance calls for retribution with a restorative approach aimed at peacebuilding. Despite a myriad of challenges, the JEP has made significant progress in the investigation of hostage-taking by…

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