Robert Knox


Robert Knox is a lecturer in Law at the School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liv-erpool. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Historical Materialism: Re-search in Critical Marxist Theory. His primary interests lie in the fields of Marxist and criti-cal legal theory. Specifically, his research analyses the close interconnection between imperialism, processes of racialisation and international law. His work has examines the role that law plays in promoting and inhibiting radical social change, focusing particularly on the way in which law is able to reshape collective political subjectivity.

Recently Published

Imperialism, Commodification and Emancipation in International Law and World Order

Note from the Editors:  We conclude 2017 with a roundtable discussion of the second edition of Professor B.S. Chimni's International Law and World Order: A Critique of Contemporary Approaches.  Given numerous changes that rapidly transpired in the international system since 2016, the roundtable discussion will certainly spur continuing exchanges among scholars, academics, and practitioners on the evolving…

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