Richard L. Kilpatrick, Jr.


Richard L. Kilpatrick, Jr. is Associate Professor of Business Law at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

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Why Denmark Can’t “Block” Dark Tankers

A dangerous proposal is on the table as sanctioning authorities grasp for answers on how to improve enforcement of the Russian oil price cap. The coalition-driven cap aims to accomplish two apparently paradoxical purposes: limit Russia’s ability to generate oil-based revenue used to fund its war effort and maintain the global supply of energy. Rather than banning…

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Self-sanctioning Russia

Private Supplements to Public Regulation Commercial actors around the world are reacting to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by voluntarily reducing their exposure to Russia-connected trades. Although the economic sanctions imposed by the EU, UK, US, Japan, and other major powers have been rapid and sweeping, the deliberate choice by the business community to willingly de-couple…

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Reflections on the Maersk Etienne Standoff and its Ramifications for the Duty to Render Assistance at Sea

The duty to render assistance at sea is a long-established rule of international law. The genesis of this obligation lies in the overwhelming need to protect life at sea. In recent years, the duty has had to respond to challenges posed by the phenomenon of irregular mass migration by sea. The sheer magnitude of the problem has placed…

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