Ralph Janik


Ralph Janik is a Researcher at the University of Vienna, Faculty of Law. He focuses in particular on the use of force, human rights, legal history, and the theory of (international) law. He recently published “Staat, Krieg und Schutzverantwortung” (“State, War, and the Responsibility to Protect”; together with Irene Etzersdorfer).

Recently Published

The Use of Force to (Re-)Establish Democracies: Lessons from The Gambia

It has been almost a month since predominantly Senegalese troops entered The Gambia as part of an ECOWAS intervention after long-term president Yahya Jammeh had refused to accept the results of the December 2016 elections. ECOWAS troops remain in the country until this day in order to support newly-elected president, Adama Barrow, in establishing and maintaining public order.

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Austria and the Fight Against the “Islamic State”: Whither Neutrality?

The most recent escalation of the conflict in Syria and the Paris attacks have once again led to intense debates over the still unresolved question of self-defence against non-state actors, the role of UN Security Council resolution 2249 in this regard, and the EU’s mutual defence clause enshrined in Article 42(7) of the Treaty on European Union. While…

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