Richard Hoyle


Richard Hoyle commences practice as a barrister at Essex Court Chambers on 1 October 2014. He holds a BA (1st Class Hons) and BCL (Distinction) from the University of Oxford and attended the Hague Academy of International Law (Directed Studies in Public International Law) in 2011. His Oxford masters thesis was on State Succession to Treaties.

Recently Published

Scottish Independence and EU Membership: Part II

Introduction In my previous post (here), I addressed the reasons why international law and EU both arrive at the conclusion that an independent Scotland would not automatically succeed to EU membership. Given that it now seems to be accepted on all sides that membership of the EU would therefore need to be negotiated, much of…

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Scottish Independence and EU Membership: Part I

Introduction As the campaigns for and against Scottish independence move into their final rounds of sparring before the vote on 18 September, the question of Scottish membership of the European Union (EU) sits (relatively) quietly in the background. And no wonder: a question which involves the interaction between the complexities of international, EU and domestic law,…

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