Reto Walther


Reto Walther is a doctoral student at the University of Zurich, Faculty of Law. His research project on subsidiarity and procedural review in the ECHR system is kindly financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation’s Doc.CH programme and includes stays at the PluriCourts Centre (University of Oslo) and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Heidelberg). Reto held research positions at the Universities of Zurich and Lucerne as well as the University of Applied Sciences Zurich. Previously, he gathered work experiences in legal practice, NGOs, and banking. He has published on European and international human rights law and constitutional law.

Recently Published

Procedural Deference at Strasbourg: A Trend Calling for a New Admissibility Criterion?

This blogpost argues that including an additional admissibility criterion in the European Convention on Human Rights (the Convention) for cases that were carefully dealt with at the domestic level is worthy of serious consideration, if it corresponds to a desirable understanding of the European Court of Human Rights’ (the Court) subsidiarity vis-à-vis the States. In view of…

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