Rebecca Barber


Rebecca Barber is a Research Fellow with the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (APCR2P) and a PhD Candidate at the TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland. Her research focuses on the competence of the UN General Assembly in matters of international peace and security, and she is currently working with the APCR2P on the development of a guidance document for states on the powers of the General Assembly to prevent and respond to atrocity crimes. Her research draws on more than 15 years of experience in humanitarian assistance, primarily with international NGOs, including long-term roles in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and Indonesia and shorter-term assignments throughout South-East Asia and the Pacific. She is admitted to practice as a legal practitioner to the Supreme Court of Victoria, and serves on the Advisory Board of the International Rule of Law Initiative and the IHL Advisory Committee of the Australian Red Cross.

Recently Published

Will the Taliban Represent Afghanistan at the UN General Assembly?

The work of the Credentials Committee of the General Assembly is normally procedural. Typically, the Committee reviews the credentials submitted by state representatives, and ensures they comply with the Assembly’s procedural rules.  The Committee is scarcely ever called upon to consider matters of government legitimacy.  In stark contrast to this status quo, it seems this year’s…

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The General Assembly should provide guidance to the UN system on the question of who gets to represent Myanmar

The lack of a coordinated, principled response to the issue of who gets to represent Myanmar at regional and international forums is becoming an indictment of the UN system.  As previously discussed in this forum (here and here), the issue of Myanmar’s representation first came to a head shortly after Myanmar’s military…

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Could the General Assembly Exclude Myanmar from the UN by Refusing to Recognise the Credentials of its Ruling Military Junta?

Earlier this month, Myanmar’s military seized power from the democratically elected government in a dramatic coup d’état.  State Counsellor Aung San Suy Kyi was arrested alongside other government ministers, parliamentarians and activists.  The military’s Commander-in-Chief, who a UN Fact-Finding mission said in 2018 should be prosecuted for crimes under international law, is running the country.    …

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