Russell Buchan


Dr Russell Buchan is a Senior Lecturer in international law at the University of Sheffield, UK. He has published widely in the field of public international law, including two monographs: International Law and the Construction of the Liberal Peace (Hart, 2013) and, most recently, Cyber Espionage and International Law (Hart, 2018).

Recently Published

When More is Less: The US Department of Defense’s Statement on Cyberspace

On 2 March 2020 Paul Ney, General Counsel to the US Department of Defense (DoD), gave a speech at the US Cyber Command Legal Conference setting out the DoD’s position on the application of national and international law to cyberspace. Robert Chesney (at Lawfare) and Michael Schmitt (at Just Security) have provided a panoramic assessment…

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The Jadhav Judgment: Espionage, Carve-Outs and Customary Exceptions

On 17 July 2019, the ICJ rendered its judgment in Jadhav. In brief, this case involved an Indian national (Mr Jadhav) who was arrested, tried, and convicted by Pakistan for espionage and terrorism offences and sentenced to death. India made repeated requests to Pakistan to allow consular access to Mr Jadhav during his period of detention, all…

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Economic Espionage under International Law

In December 2018 the Council on Foreign Relations and the BBC published independent reports identifying China as a prolific perpetrator of economic espionage. Economic espionage describes the state-sponsored theft of confidential information belonging to foreign companies. Once obtained, the state passes the stolen information to domestic companies in order to enhance their competitive position within the market…

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