Peter Webster


Peter is a barrister, practising principally in commercial and international law from Essex Court Chambers in London. He has appeared in a number of cases raising international law issues before the English Courts and before numerous international tribunals. Before starting practice as a barrister, he worked as a solicitor and as a Judicial Assistant at the UK Supreme Court. He holds an LL B (Hons, First Class) and Ph D from the University of Edinburgh, where he also taught for several years.

Recently Published

The Venezuelan Gold decision: recognition in the English Court of Appeal

The English Court of Appeal recently handed down judgment in Maduro Board v Guaidó Board [2020] EWCA Civ 1249, which considers who can lawfully give instructions to English financial institutions regarding assets of Venezuela held in England, given the dispute about who is the rightful president of Venezuela. This is an important decision which is…

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