Pradeep Singh


Pradeep Singh is a Fellow at the Research Institute for Sustainability in Potsdam, Germany. He also leads the IUCN's Commission on Ecosystem Management thematic group on Deep Seabed Mining and serves as Deputy Chair of the Ocean Law specialist group at the World Commission on Environmental Law. With expertise in international law and the law of the sea, Pradeep regularly consults with states and other actors on deep seabed mining and the conservation of marine biodiversity. He frequently attends the meetings of the International Seabed Authority and other ocean negotiations. Pradeep's academic qualifications include advanced degrees from Harvard Law School, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Malaya.

Recently Published

Deep seabed mining: A general policy at the International Seabed Authority?

Comprising 168 member States, the International Seabed Authority (ISA) is responsible for all seabed mineral exploration and future exploitation activities on the international seabed (‘the Area’). Negotiations on the rules, regulations and procedures for exploitation activities are currently ongoing at the ISA. Before any exploitation activities can commence, UNCLOS requires its member…

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