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Dr. Amanda Perreau-Saussine Ezcurra

Published on December 28, 2012        Author: 

Patrick Capps is Professor of International Law at the University of Bristol.

Amanda Perreau-Saussine Ezcurra

At the time of her death, Amanda Perreau-Saussine Ezcurra  (right) held the posts of Fellow of Queens’ College, and University Lecturer in Law, at the University of Cambridge. She wrote and taught jurisprudence, public international law and public law. She lost her battle with cancer on 1 August 2012, aged 41. I have been asked by Iain, Marko and Dapo to write something about her life and career. While able to count Amanda as a good friend and colleague, I will restrict this comment to a consideration of her written contribution to legal scholarship. I will not comment on Amanda’s life or faith, except to note that she was a devout Catholic. Amanda may have approved: in an essay in the 2006 University of Toronto Law Journal, while reflecting upon Nicola Lacey’s biography of HLA Hart, she wrote that she was sceptical about the relevance of the subject’s personal beliefs when writing intellectual biography. While she may well be correct to take such a view about Hart, I am not convinced that it can equally be applied to the relationship between her faith and work. But this said, I do not feel qualified to judge either way.

As mentioned, Amanda’s published work is in the areas of jurisprudence, public international law and public law.


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