Pavlos Eleftheriadis


Pavlos Eleftheriadis is Professor of Public Law at the University of Oxford and a barrister at Francis Taylor Building in London. He is the author of Legal Rights (OUP, 2008) and of A Union of Peoples: Europe as a Community of Principle (OUP, 2020). He recently advised two claimants before the European Court of Human Rights in pending pushback cases. He is not related in any way to the Greek Government or to the NGOs mentioned in this post.

Recently Published

Pushbacks and Lawlessness

Dozens of cases before the European Court of Human Rights claim that Greek authorities are engaged in a policy of secret returns of persons seeking asylum back to Turkey, or ‘pushbacks’. Α post on this blog, ‘Pushbacks as Euphemism’ by Niamh Keady-Tabbai and Itamar Mann drew attenttion to the alleged ‘driftbacks’ in the Aegean. These, however,…

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