Oleksii Plotnikov


Oleksii Plotnikov is an expert in international law and transitional justice with the Association of Reintegration of Crimea and the Crimean Tatar Resource Center. He is also a practicing lawyer, representing victims of armed conflicts before Ukrainian courts and the European Court of Human Rights. He holds an LLM with distinction from the University of Manchester and a PhD from the National University “Odesa Law Academy”. He was also a Fulbright visiting researcher at the Cardozo School of Law.

Recently Published

The Proceedings Flow While Water Does Not: Russia’s Claims Concerning the North Crimean Canal in Strasbourg

On 23 July, Russia brought an interstate complaint against Ukraine to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). After endlessly being a respondent in cases arising out of alleged control over the territories of other states, the empire decided to strike back. Ukraine for the first time found itself as a defensive side in its…

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