Omer Shatz


Omer Shatz is an international lawyer, graduate (LLM) and doctorate candidate at Yale Law School, recipient of the Robina Human Rights Initiative at Orville H. Schell Center for International Human Rights. He is giving advice to a number of int'l human rights and humanitarian organisations, and he is also specializing in investment and commercial arbitration. Before moving to France, his practice in Israel\Palestine focused on Israeli Supreme Court litigation of high-profile human rights cases. He also co-founded and was a legal adviser to 'We Are Refugees', an NGO dedicated to provide pro-bono legal representation to detained asylum seekers.

Recently Published

Time to Investigate European Agents for Crimes against Migrants in Libya

In March 2011, the ICC Office of the Prosecutor of the international criminal court opened its investigation into the situation in Libya, following a referral by the UN Security Council. The investigation concerns crimes against humanity in Libya starting 15 February 2011, including the crimes against humanity of murder and persecution, allegedly committed by Libyan agents. As…

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