Oliver Windridge



Oliver Windridge is a British lawyer specialising in international human rights and international criminal law. He is founder of the blog The ACtHPR Monitor (Twitter: @acthpr_monitor). Oliver serves on the African Court’s list of counsel (pro bono) and currently acts as counsel on cases pending before the African Court and African Commission. The views expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of any organisation affiliated to the author.

Recently Published

The Mauritius Oil Spill: Using Africa’s ‘judicial environmentalism’ as an avenue for redress?

Since the MV Wakashio ship ran aground on 25 July this year, Mauritius has been facing an unfolding human and environmental disaster. Up to 100,000 Mauritians took to the streets in late August to protest against the State’s handling of the disaster, one of the largest protests in the country in over 40 years. In this…

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Two Times Too Many: Botswana and the Death Penalty

Without wanting to trivialise the hard work needed to litigate human rights cases, it is often implementation that is considered the pinnacle of achievement. Put simply, it is one thing to convince a commission or court that a countries’ policies or actions contravene a human rights instrument, it is quite another for that country to implement the decision.

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