Özlem Gürakar Skribeland


Özlem Gürakar Skribeland is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law. Her current research explores the interaction and mutual impact between the international refugee law regime and Turkey's protection regime. Her PhD is from the same place and analyses the lawfulness of returning irregular migrants by force to transit countries. Özlem is qualified as a lawyer in Turkey, England and the USA, and has previously practiced law at international law firms.

Recently Published

Revisiting and Further Exploring the Human Right to Leave

The right to freedom of movement has a distinct meaning under international law, understood as being formed of three complementary rights. These are (i) the right to leave any country, including one’s own, (ii) the right to return to one’s own country, and (iii) the right of everyone lawfully within the territory of a state to liberty of…

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