Ntina Tzouvala



Ntina Tzouvala is a Senior Lecturer at the ANU College of Law and a Senior Advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. Her work focuses on the political economy of international law, with a particular interest in the ways capitalism, racism and the patriarchy intersect in different legal fields.

Recently Published

International Law and the Right to Food: What We Can Learn from Racial Justice Movements

Until very recently, international law usually dealt with questions of race and racism through two primary mechanisms: denial and containment. On the one hand, the outlawing and criminalisation of the most egregious forms of racial discrimination contributed to the narrative that international law was the polar opposite and even the primary antagonist of racism, which was…

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Reading Chimni’s International Law and World Order: The Question of Feminism

Note from the Editors:  We conclude 2017 with a roundtable discussion of the second edition of Professor B.S. Chimni's International Law and World Order: A Critique of Contemporary Approaches.  Given numerous changes that rapidly transpired in the international system since 2016, the roundtable discussion will certainly spur continuing exchanges among scholars, academics, and practitioners on the evolving…

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