Dr. Natalie Klein


Dr. Natalie Klein is a Professor at UNSW Sydney’s Faculty of Law & Justice, Australia, and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. She previously served as Dean of Macquarie Law School and Acting Head of the Department for Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism at Macquarie University. Professor Klein’s research focuses on law of the sea and international dispute settlement.

Recently Published

Measuring Compliance and the Decisions of UNCLOS Dispute Settlement Bodies

What happens after an international court or tribunal hands down its judgment? Sir Robert Jennings once noted the irony in how detailed the business of international courts and tribunals is up to and including the rendering of a judgment, and how little we know about what follows. It is indeed a curiosity given that compliance has always…

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REY-Rich Mud: An Ocean Resource in Want of Regulation

Rare earth elements and yttrium (REY) are rapidly becoming a new frontier in global competition over resources. REY are of critical importance in the development of green energy and are also needed for consumer goods, such as smartphones, computer screens and telescopic lenses, and in medical and military technologies. In 2019, the United States imported 80%…

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