Natia Kalandarishvili-Mueller


Natia Kalandarishvili-Mueller (@natiakalanda) is a professor of international law at ALTE University in Tbilisi, Georgia, and a visiting research fellow at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (August 2022-January 2023). Natia has also been teaching international humanitarian law at Tbilisi State University, International Law Institute (Georgia) since 2008. She is the author of Occupation and Control in International Humanitarian Law (Routledge 2020).

Recently Published

Civilians are Protected Under GC IV 1949: The Illegality of Russian Filtration Camps under IHL

This piece examines the illegality of Russian filtration camps considering International Humanitarian Law (IHL). Filtration camps are set up by Russia for Ukrainian civilians implicated in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The illegality of such camps is to be presumed in IHL rules on civilian internment contained in Geneva Convention IV 1949 (GC IV). While IHL does not contain…

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On the Occasion of the Five-year Anniversary of the Russian-Georgian War: Is Georgia Occupied?

Natia Kalandarishvili-Mueller is a Lecturer in Humanitarian Law at Tbilisi State University, Institute of International Law, Faculty of Law, and a PhD Candidate at the University of Essex, School of Law.   Five years have passed since war broke out between Russia and Georgia. The Independent International Fact Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia, established…

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