Nicolas Lamp


Nicolas Lamp is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University, Canada. His research focuses on international trade lawmaking and the distributive effects of trade agreements. He is currently working with Anthea Roberts on a book on “Winners and Losers: Narratives about Economic Globalization”. You can follow Nicolas on Twitter at @nicolas_lamp.

Recently Published

How We Stop Talking Past Each Other: A Rejoinder to Hoekman and Nelson’s Reply to My Article on Narratives about Winners and Losers from Globalization

When Donald Trump was elected to the US presidency, the instinctive reaction of many public officials, trade economists and international economic lawyers was to fight back. And fight back they did – in reports, op-eds, blog posts, and interviews. It did not appear as though it would be particularly hard to win the argument: Trump’s economic illiteracy was…

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