Nicolás Carrillo-Santarelli


Nicolás Carrillo-Santarelli holds a PhD in International Law and International Relations from the Autónoma de Madrid University, Spain. He is currently working as lecturer and researcher of International Law in the La Sabana University, Colombia.

Recently Published

Inter-American Court of Human Rights condemns Venezuelan regime’s political persecution against the opposition in the San Miguel Sosa and others case

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (hereinafter, IACtHR) published a recent decision (only available in Spanish) in the San Miguel Sosa and others vs. Venezuela case, by means of which it rebuts frequent arguments relied on by the Chavista[d1] –i.e. based on the ideas of former president Hugo Chávez— regime of Nicolás Maduro that label external and foreign…

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An Assessment of the Colombian-FARC ‘Peace Jurisdiction’ Agreement

Last week Wednesday (23 September 2015), Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos met in Cuba with the leader of the Colombian guerrilla movement FARC (alias Timochenko”), to publicly announce the agreement to establish a ‘Special Peace Jurisdiction’ reached between the Government and FARC. This is certainly a milestone in the Colombian peace process. While many local and international voices…

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