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2 International Human Rights Questions from PM v Khadr

In an effort to make him more amenable and willing talk, [redacted] has placed Umar on the 'frequent flyer program' for the three weeks before [the Canadian official's] visit, Umar has not be permitted more than three hours in one location, thus denying him uninterrupted sleep and a continued change of neighbours. He will soon be placed in isolation for…

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EJIL’s 20th Anniversary Symposia Issues – Reactions invited

As our readers will know, EJIL has been publishing Symposia issues to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of its founding. In Issue 4 of its Anniversary Year, EJIL plans to publish a selection of reactions to articles which appeared in its three Anniversary Symposia in Issues  1-3 and the three Anniversary Articles which will feature in those issues. We will select…

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Invitation to contribute to EJIL: Science and International Law

EJIL is interested in publishing articles addressing the theme of  “Science and International Law.” This theme is understood broadly and could include: International law and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) International law and the internet International law and the uses of science in environmental regimes International law and the uses of science as proof International law and the status of…

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