Margot Salomon


Margot E. Salomon is Associate Professor in the Law Department and the Centre for the Study of Human Rights, London School of Economics, where she directs the Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy.

Recently Published

Europe’s Debt to Greece

The past five years have shown a categorical disregard for the human rights of the people of Greece by international creditors. We have witnessed a disregard by states, including notably eurozone states, as well as by European institutions and the IMF, of their human rights obligations when crafting conditionalities. There is a long list of deplorable developments that…

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The Maastricht Principles on Extraterritorial Obligations in the Area of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: An Overview of Positive ‘Obligations to Fulfil’

Margot E. Salomon is Senior Lecturer, Centre for the Study of Human Rights and Law Department, London School of Economics. She was a member of the 6-person drafting committee that prepared the Maastricht Principles and co-author, along with the other committee members, of the accompanying Commentary. This week Human Rights Quarterly…

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