Martins Paparinskis


Martins Paparinskis is Reader in Public International Law at University College London. He is a co-editor of Current Legal Problems, the book review editor of Journal of World Investment and Trade, and a member of the UCL Press editorial board. Martins is a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the OSCE Court of Conciliation and Arbitration, and the Implementation Committee of the UNECE Water Convention, and a candidate co-nominated by Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania for election to the International Law Commission in 2021.

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Reply to Gourgourinis

I am very grateful to Anastasios Gourgourinis, Robert Howse, and Jessica Howley for their remarks about my EJIL article. I hope that my responses will enable me to clarify my position (and thinking) on the aspects of my argument with which each commenter has engaged. Since there is very little overlap between their comments, I will address them…

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Investment Treaty Arbitration and the (New) Law of State Responsibility

I am grateful to EJIL:Talk! for hosting the discussion of my article and chapter. I am privileged to have Anastasios Gourgourinis, Jessica Howley, and Robert Howse as discussants. In the following paragraphs I summarise the main arguments made in the article and the chapter. The starting point of the argument is…

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A Reply to Anthea Roberts and Federico Ortino

Anthea Roberts puts the argument of my book into broader international law perspective by asking three questions. First, she wonders whether there might be a need to reformulate the criteria of customary law to make them more realistic. Secondly, she gently chides me for being too hasty in dismissing domestic public law arguments. Thirdly, she is interested in…

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