Mohsen Nagheeby


Dr. Mohsen Nagheeby is a Research Associate in Water Security and Policy at Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub at Newcastle University, UK. He received his Ph.D. in international law at Northumbria University, School of Law, where he focused specifically on ‘Anarchy and the Law of International Watercourses’.

Recently Published

Ashraf Ghani’s ambitions to divert the Helmand River now serve his enemy, the Taliban: an International Law perspective

One tragedy follows another in Afghanistan. Occurring amid many other dramatic events, the diversion of the Helmand (Hirmand) River, which flows through Afghanistan and Iran, by the Taliban in January 2022 was almost lost in the news. This deliberate act can cause huge economic losses, degrade entire ecosystems, and threaten the lives of those dependent upon its waters.

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