Massimo Marelli


Massimo is the Head of Delegation of the first ICRC Delegation for Cyberspace, in Luxembourg. He is also a member of the Data Protection Commission at CERN. Massimo is a member of the Advisory Board and a Fellow of the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC) at the University of Maastricht, co-director of the Humanitarian Action Programme at ECPC, and the co-editor of the DigitHarium, a global forum to discuss and debate digital transformation within the humanitarian sector, with a focus on humanitarian protection, policy, ethics and action. He is also a member of the Brussels Privacy Hub Advisory Board, and the co-editor of the Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action. Prior to his current role, Massimo established and headed the Data Protection Office at the ICRC, and held several assignments with the ICRC in the field and at the headquarters. He also worked as lawyer at the UK Office of Fair Trading, Referendaire at the EU General Court in Luxembourg and as lawyer in private practice.

Recently Published

Opening an ICRC Delegation for Cyberspace

With humanitarian organizations becoming more active in and reliant upon new technologies and the digital domain, they have evolved from simple bystanders to full-fledged stakeholders in cyberspace. They also become vulnerable to adverse cyberoperations that could impact their capacity to protect and assist people affected by violence or armed conflict whilst having…

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Creating International Frameworks for Data Protection: The ICRC/Brussels Privacy Hub Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action

Introduction The collection and processing of personally-identifiable data is central to the work of both international organisations working in the humanitarian sector (IHOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in protecting and delivering essential aid to hundreds of millions of vulnerable individuals. With the increased adoption of new technologies in recent years, and the increased complexity of data…

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