Malcolm Langford


Malcolm Langford is a Professor of Public Law and Pluricourts Affiliate, University of Oslo, Chair of the Academic Forum on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), and Co-Director of the Centre on Law and Social Transformation, University of Bergen and CMI.

Recently Published

UNCITRAL and ISDS Reforms: Hastening slowly

Editor's Note:  This week, we will be featuring several posts critically examining the UNCITRAL ISDS reform process, which held its latest Working Group III meetings in New York on April 2019.  We begin with today's introduction from Anthea Roberts and Malcolm Langford.  Malcolm Langford attends UNCITRAL Working Group III as Chair of the ISDS Academic Forum and…

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Investment Arbitration and its Discontents: An Empirical Assessment

Editors’ Note:  This is the latest post in our ongoing series of posts (see introduction here, first post on costs here, second post on duration of proceedings here, third post on the diversity deficit in investment arbitration here, fourth post on…

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Can Investment Arbitration Fix Itself?

This week, States have descended on UNCITRAL in Vienna to discuss potential reform of the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system. Many are in a critical mood. During the April session in New York, delegates raised concerns over excessive costs, lack of arbitral diversity, conflicts of interests, inconsistent outcomes, and bias against developing states. More surprising – for…

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