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Cosmopolitan Constitutionalism: A Response to Nico Krisch

In his post Nico Krisch raises some important points that allow for the clarification of some core ideas. I have little to add to the part of his comments that describe the  “right starting points” and “important insights” but would like to address and hopefully clarify some points that concern the “more problematic turn”. That clarification might…

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The cosmopolitan turn in constitutionalism: on the relationship between national constitutional law and constitutionalism beyond the state

Mattias Kumm is Professor of Law, NYU School of Law. He is currently Visiting Professor of Law and John Harvey Gregory Lecturer on World Organization, Harvard Law School. The greatest impediment to the understanding of the legitimacy, efficacy and coherence of  global public law is the tradition of democratic constitutionalism, at least…

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