Melanie Klinkner & Alexandra Lily Kather


Melanie Klinkner teaches international law at Bournemouth University. She has been researching and writing on forensic evidence from mass graves, their value and use during international criminal proceedings. Particularly the right to the truth on behalf of victims and mass grave protection guidelines (the latter forthcoming in Human Remains & Violence) are a focus of her current work. Alexandra Lily Kather is a PhD researcher in international criminal law writing her thesis on the topic at the School of Law at Middlesex University London funded by her university. Her other research areas include domestic prosecution of international crimes as well as intersections between international criminal law and migration.

Recently Published

The Legal Protection of Mass Graves

Mass graves have been found all around the world, in Uganda, Burundi, The Philippines, Nepal and India. Yet, there is no definition of the term ‘mass grave’ in international law. Our common understanding is derived from pictures of history and news reports according to which ‘mass grave’ describes a site containing a multitude…

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