Miles Jackson


Miles Jackson is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford. He is the author of Complicity in International Law (OUP 2015), and was awarded the Cassese Prize for International Criminal Law in 2017. His research is available here

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Aerial Incident of 23 May 2021: Belarus and the Ryanair Flight 4978

It was widely reported on Sunday that the government of Belarus forced a Ryanair flight bound for Vilnius to land in Minsk on account of a ‘potential security risk’. The flight was escorted to Minsk by Belarussian MiG-29 fighters. As the BBC put it: Flight FR4978 was en route…

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Inviolability and the Protest at the Bahraini Embassy

This week Channel 4 News broadcast a remarkable story about a dissident who climbed onto the roof of the Bahraini Embassy in London. The man, Moosa Mohammed, was part of a larger group protesting planned executions in Bahrain, executions which have been condemned by human rights organisations. The protest and underlying cause are rightly…

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Geographical Remoteness in Bemba

Introduction The ICC Appeals Chamber’s acquittal of Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo continues to provoke discussion. In a previous post, I addressed the Appeals Chamber’s treatment of the relevance of a commander’s motivation in taking measures to prevent or punish the crimes of his subordinates. This issue of motivations was one of two putative…

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