Ming-Sung Kuo


Dr Ming-Sung Kuo is an associate professor of law at University of Warwick. His areas of interest are in the fields of public international law, global constitutionalism and global administrative law, comparative constitutional law, and constitutional theory. He holds degrees from Yale Law School (JSD; LLM) and National Taiwan University (LLM; LLB).

Recently Published

Living in the Shadow of Flawed Peace: How General International Law Is Implicated in the Trade War between Japan and South Korea

As the anniversary of V-J Day approaches, the legacy of World War II still casts a long shadow on its previous Pacific theatre.  Last month, an unprecedented quadripartite incident involving warplanes from, inter alia, Japan and South Korea played out in the territorial airspace of the contested Dokdo/Takeshima islands, disputed territory that was left unresolved in the…

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