Matteo Fermeglia



Matteo Fermeglia, Ph.D. (University of Udine and Trieste), is a Postdoctoral Assistant in Environmental and Administrative Law at Hasselt University. He was Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School, where he collaborated with the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment. He has been awarded the Raúl Estrada-Oyuela Award for Emerging Scholars in Climate Law. He co-teaches European Environmental Law, while his research work predominantly focuses on climate law. One of his lines of research lies on the interplays between foreign investment law and environmental and climate protection.

Recently Published

Killing all birds with one stone: Is this the end of Intra-EU BITs (as we know them)

On 5 May 2020, 23 EU Member States, except for Austria, Ireland, Finland, and Sweden, signed the Agreement for the Termination of Bilateral Investment Treaties between the Member States of the European Union (the Agreement). Its adoption is the latest development in the debate on the incompatibility of bilateral investment treaties between Member States (Intra-EU BITs) with…

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