Melanie O’Brien


Dr Melanie O’Brien is Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Western Australia, and President of the International Association of Genocide Studies. She is an award-winning teacher of international humanitarian law. Her research examines the connection between human rights and the genocide process; and sexual and gender-based crimes against women in atrocities. Her work on forced marriage has been cited by the International Criminal Court, and she has been an expert consultant for several UN bodies. She is the author of Criminalising Peacekeepers: Modernising National Approaches to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (2017, Palgrave), and her book, From Discrimination to Death: Genocide Process through a Human Rights Lens, will be published in 2022 (Routledge).

Recently Published

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence against Women in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In April 2022, it was reported that Ukrainian law enforcement intercepted a phone call between a Russian soldier and his wife. In the phone call, they joked about the soldier raping Ukrainian women. His wife told him, “Yes, I allow it. Just wear protection”. The shockingly cavalier attitude of these two young Russian people towards rape emanates…

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