Michael A Becker


Michael A Becker is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law at Trinity College Dublin. He served previously as an Associate Legal Officer at the International Court of Justice.

Recently Published

Do We Need an International Commission of Inquiry for COVID-19? Part II

In Part I, I discussed what type of mandate an international commission of inquiry for COVID-19 might cover and who could establish such a body. Part II considers who might serve on a commission, how its work might be organised, and whether states could be persuaded to co-operate in good faith. What should the composition of…

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Do We Need an International Commission of Inquiry for COVID-19? Part I

As the COVID-19 pandemic dominates daily life, questions abound. How did the virus start and spread? How can the problem be managed and an effective treatment or vaccine be developed and made available? Have states and the World Health Organization (WHO) acted reasonably and appropriately? Much attention has focused on the alleged wrongdoing of China, as well…

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The Challenges for the ICJ in the Reliance on UN Fact-Finding Reports in the Case against Myanmar

  This past week’s provisional measures hearing in the case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) made for a remarkable spectacle (see here, here, and here). Acting as the head of her country’s delegation, Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi sat silently as The Gambia’s legal team laid out its…

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