Matthew Happold


Matthew Happold is Professor of Public International law at the University of Luxembourg. A general public international lawyer, his publications include ‘Economic Sanctions and International Law’ (co-editor with Paul Eden) (Hart: 2016) and ‘The Settlement of Investment Disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty’ (co-author with Thomas Roe) (CUP: 1st edition 2011, 2nd edition in preparation). Matthew also practises as a barrister from 3 Hare Court, London and sits as a recorder (civil and criminal) on the North Eastern Circuit.

Recently Published

Immunity of Warships: Argentina Initiates Proceedings Against Ghana under UNCLOS

Another chapter has begun in the saga of NML Capital Ltd’s attempts to collect on its holdings of Argentinean bonds (see here for earlier reporting on EJIL:Talk!) with the initiation of inter-State proceedings by Argentina against Ghana under the 1982 UN Convention of the Law of the Sea. It will be recalled that on…

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Scottish Independence and the European Union

Matthew Happold is Professor of Public International Law at the University of Luxembourg  Recent events in a number of European States have pushed the issue of secession up the political agenda.  In Catalonia, the ruling Convergencia i Unio party has announced its intention to hold a referendum on Catalan independence if…

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Julian Assange and Diplomatic Asylum

Matthew Happold is Professor of Public International Law at the University of Luxembourg and an associate tenant at 3 Hare Court, London . In taking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Julian Assange joins a long list of individuals who have sought asylum in foreign embassies.  Recent examples include Chongqing police chief…

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