Matthew Happold


Matthew Happold is Professor of Public International law at the University of Luxembourg. A general public international lawyer, his publications include ‘Economic Sanctions and International Law’ (co-editor with Paul Eden) (Hart: 2016) and ‘The Settlement of Investment Disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty’ (co-author with Thomas Roe) (CUP: 1st edition 2011, 2nd edition in preparation). Matthew also practises as a barrister from 3 Hare Court, London and sits as a recorder (civil and criminal) on the North Eastern Circuit.

Recently Published

Timor Leste’s request for provisional measures: ICJ orders materials seized by Australia sealed until further notice

On 3 March 2014, the International Court of Justice handed down its order on the request by Timor Leste for the indication of provisional measures in its claim against Australia relating to the seizure and detention of certain documents and data (for earlier reporting of the proceedings: see here). As predicted, Timor Leste didn’t get the…

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East Timor Takes Australia to ICJ over Documents Seized by Australian Intelligence

By an application deposited with the International Court of Justice on 17 December 2013 (not yet on the Court’s website), East Timor has instituted proceedings against Australia over the seizure and detention by ‘agents of Australia of documents, data and other property’ belonging to East Timor or which it ‘has the right to protect under international law’.  Simultaneously,…

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Scottish Independence: Political Rhetoric and Legal Realities

The recent publication of Professors Crawford and Boyle’s opinion on the international law aspects of Scottish independence is an event not because it says anything new – most commentators (including the present writer) come to the same conclusions – but because it puts the imprimatur of two highly distinguished international lawyers on the matter. On…

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