Maria Laura Marceddu



Maria Laura Marceddu specializes in international investment law. Her research is centred mainly on European investment law and policy, and its repercussions on the international regime of foreign investment. More broadly, her research interests focus on international economic law, international economic relations and governance, international trade and investment law. She earned her Ph.D. in international economic law from King’s College London, where she has also been appointed as a visiting lecturer in international investment law, and as a fellow at the Centre of European Law. Prior to this, she worked as a teaching fellow at the University of Edinburgh (Law School), and is a fellow at the Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law (ECIGL)

Recently Published

ISDS reform and air guitar: A response to Grant and Kieff

In issue 2020(2) of EJIL, we published an empirical study concerning the public perception of investment arbitration. Our article presents the results of four experiments that we conducted to assess which factors mostly affect the public acceptance of investor-State dispute resolution outcomes. In our study we tested a number of possible factors that influence public…

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