María Vásquez Callo-Müller


María Vásquez Callo-Müller is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Lucerne (Switzerland), working for the project Trade Law for the Data-Driven Economy (Trade Law 4.0). María is an experienced researcher and consultant on digital trade issues. Before joining the University of Lucerne, María was a doctoral fellow at the World Trade Institute (WTI), University of Bern, and she regularly acts as a consultant to international organizations on digital trade matters. María’s research agenda lies at the intersection of the regulation of digital technologies and trade, particularly in the areas of intellectual property rights, data governance, and cybersecurity.

Recently Published

Unilateral Economic Sanctions to Deter and Punish Cyber-Attacks: Are They Here to Stay?

In June 2021 during the Biden-Putin summit, President Biden stated that critical infrastructure should be “off-limits” to cyber-attacks and handed over a list of 16 areas of critical infrastructure that under no circumstance should be targeted by cyber-attacks. This took place after the SolarWinds cyber-attack that was described by SolarWinds Vice-President as “your worst nightmare”.

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