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Dr Marco Longobardo is a Reader in International Law at the University of Westminster. He undertook his doctoral studies at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is a generalist international lawyer that published extensively on use of force, state responsibility, ICJ procedure, IHL, and ICL. He is the author of The Use of Armed Force in Occupied Territory (Cambridge University Press, 2018), for which he was awarded the 2021 Paul Reuter Prize. He is the Reviews Editor of the Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies and a member of the advisory boards of the International Community Law Review and of the Journal du Droit Transnational.

Recently Published

Alleged Violations of the Duty to Ensure Respect for IHL and the Monetary Gold Principle

1. Introduction This post explores the nature of the duty to ensure respect for international humanitarian law (IHL) embodied in Common Article 1 of the Four Geneva Conventions and in other IHL provisions. The duty imposes positive and negative obligations upon States in relation to other States’ conduct that violates or poses a serious risk of…

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Applying International Environmental Law Conventions in Occupied Territory: The Azerbaijan v. Armenia Case under the Bern Convention

Introduction  On 18 January 2023, Azerbaijan announced that it had launched against Armenia an inter-state case under the dispute settlement provision in the 1979 Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention).  Azerbaijan notified the Bern Convention Secretariat of the dispute by letter on 27 March 2023, stating that…

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The Rhetoric of ‘Denazification’ of Ukraine from the Perspective of the Law of Occupation

From the onset of the illegal (see, e.g., Milanovic, Wilmshurst, Spagnolo, Roscini, Green/Henderson/Ruys) invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 by Russia, Russian officials, and in particular, President Vladimir Putin, have employed the word ‘denazification’ as one of the aims of the invasion (or ‘special military operation’, in the Orwellian language employed by…

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