Marcin Menkes


Dr hab. Marcin Menkes is an Assistant Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics and the Head of Postgraduate Studies of the Law & Economics of the Capital Market. Currently a visiting researcher at Università di Torino Faculty of Law. He is also the co-founder and managing editor of the international law blog: Przegląd Prawa Międzynarodowego (International Law Review, in Polish). His research interests include international investment flows, international economics governance and international economic sanctions.

Recently Published

UK Extraterritorial Financial Sanctions: Too Much, Too Little, Too Late?

The US practice of the extraterritorial application of sanctions was criticised for years as, at best, the illegitimate abuse of its particular position in the world’s economy. Despite its fully comparable position in international finance, the United Kingdom was shielded from such criticism predominantly thanks to the transfer of respective decision-making to Brussels. The nature and scope of…

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