Matei Alexianu


Matei Alexianu is a judicial law clerk at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He is a graduate of Yale Law School, where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Journal of international Law. He also holds a BA from the University of Oxford and a Masters from the LSE.

Recently Published

Third-Party “Provisional Countermeasures”: A Proposal to Give Teeth to Provisional Measures

Compliance with the International Court of Justice’s provisional measures orders has been low and appears to be decreasing, as underscored by the recent cases of Israel and Syria. So, attention is again turning to whether the measures can be enforced. Most commentary has focused…

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Ukraine’s ICJ Provisional Measures: A Narrow Path to Remedies

On February 2, the International Court of Justice dealt Ukraine’s case against Russia under the Genocide Convention a heavy blow when it dismissed the majority of the claims for lack of jurisdiction. The decision effectively transformed the case into one about whether Ukraine violated international law (by committing genocide), a far cry from…

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Provisional, but Not (Always) Pointless: Compliance with ICJ Provisional Measures

Provisional measures requests are keeping the International Court of Justice busy. In October alone, the Court heard requests for interim relief in two separate cases, Canada and the Netherlands v. Syria and Armenia v. Azerbaijan, and received a request in one more, Guyana v. Venezuela. This is in line with a broader…

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