Larissa van den Herik


Larissa van den Herik is professor of public international law at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University. She is Vice Dean and Director of Research of Leiden Law School. She is also vice chair of the Dutch Advisory Committee on Issues of Public International Law. And she is General Editor of the Cambridge Studies of International and Comparative Law.

Recently Published

International Commissions of Inquiry as a Template for a MH17 Tribunal ? A Reply to Jan Lemnitzer

In his essay on ‘International Commissions of Inquiry and the North Sea incident: a model for a MH17 tribunal?’ Jan Lemnitzer makes the argument that the origins of commissions of inquiry (COIs) dealing with international criminal law are deep-rooted, dating back well before the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. Presenting the Doggerbank inquiry as a de…

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Book Discussion: Testing ICL’s Expressive Capacity

Evelyne Schmid’s Taking Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Seriously in International Criminal Law offers an engaging, meticulous, systematic, and comprehensive treatment of an underexplored terrain. With its revealing accounts of the socio-economic dimensions of ongoing and past conflict situations and its incisive explorations of how international criminal law (ICL) can address those, the book is responsive to…

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