Lavanya Rajamani


Lavanya Rajamani is professor at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. Lavanya is an expert in the field of international environmental and climate change law. Her scholarship focuses on mutlilateral environmental treaty-making processes, differentiatiation, compliance, and the intersections of international environmental law with human rights. She has authored several books and articles in these areas, including International Climate Change Law (co-authored with Daniel Bodansky and Jutta Brunnée and published by Oxford University Press, 2017). Lavanya served as Rapporteur of the International Law Association Committee on Legal Principles Relating to Climate Change and is a member of the International Bar Association Working Group on a Model Statute on Climate Relief. She has also served as a consultant to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat several times, a negotiator for the Alliance of Small Island States, and a legal adviser to the Chairs of Ad Hoc Working Groups under the FCCC.

Recently Published

Reflections on the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement

Ending months of fevered speculation, President Donald Trump fulfilled his campaign promise and announced US withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Agreement last week. He did so because in his opinion the Paris Agreement inflicts ‘severe energy restrictions’ on the United States and ‘punishes’ the United States ‘while imposing no meaningful obligations on the world’s leading polluters.’ This…

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The US and the Paris Agreement: In or Out and at What Cost?

Ever since President Donald Trump won the US elections, climate pundits have been playing the ‘will they, won’t they’ game in relation to US withdrawal from the hard-won and widely accepted 2015 Paris Agreement. The political need of the hour, it appears, is to keep the US in, and while that is certainly a desirable goal, it is…

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Decoding the Durban Platform

Lavanya Rajamani is a Professor of International Law at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, India. The Durban climate conference, marked by tension, high drama and sleepless nights, arrived 36 hours after the scheduled end of the conference, at a set of historic decisions. These include decisions to implement the Cancun…

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