Loqman Radpey


Dr Loqman Radpey is a research member at the Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law (ECIGL) at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the past decade, he has written extensively about the legal status of the Kurdistan question and the application of international law to the right to self-determination of the Kurdish people. Routledge is publishing his monograph, titled Towards an Independent Kurdistan: Self-Determination in International Law. The book represents the first comprehensive historico-legal account of the treatment of Kurdish aspirations to an independent Kurdistan (i.e., statehood) within the international law literature on self-determination.

Recently Published

Towards A United Kurdistan: Prospects for Kurdish Self-Determination

A century has elapsed since one of history’s most hypocritical, enduring, and consequential betrayals of principle. Following World War I (WWI) and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, an independent Kurdistan was about to emerge. In Europe the Treaty of Versailles had implemented the principle of self-determination for ethnically-defined peoples, giving birth to new nation-states. Likewise in the…

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Remedial Peoplehood: Russia’s New Theory on Self-Determination in International Law and its Ramifications beyond Ukraine

The evolution of samoopredelenie or self-determination dates back to the early 20th century when these terms were used by the Russian Bolsheviks and the West respectively to advance ideological and political objectives. Now once again the concept of self-determination and its subject, i.e., people, have been variously invoked to justify support for the people of Ukraine writ large,…

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